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January 14, 2003


JD finishes his American Championship from the 6-9 Class!


JD, short for James Dean, was owned in the United States through the competition of his American and Canadian Championships by Rufus and Mary Francis Burleson of Marburl Boxers. 

JD currently resides with his new owners, Nicolas and Maritza Peribonio - Guayaquil, Ecuador.

This young man has so much attitude and style.  So much so that we are sure he will soon become your American Idol too!  The above photos were taken when JD was just 7 months old.

JD has been a showing fool lately....and achieving GREAT things!  JD is now an American, Canadian, Columbian, Peruvian,  Ecuadorian, Argentina, and Latin American Champion!!!!

  • JD wins WD/BOW for a 4 Point MAJOR at just 7 months old under Mr. Willhauck. (Handled by James Bettis)

  • Reserve Winners Dog at the Boxer Club of Colorado (Regionals Week) under Donald Booxbaum (Handled by Wendy Bettis)

  • WD/BOW/BP for a 3 Point MAJOR at Pikes Peak Boxer Club (Regionals Week) under Phyllis DelMuro (Handled by Wendy Bettis)

  • WD/BOW/BOS for 2 points and BPIB (Judge Catherine Bell) and BPIG (Judge Diana Smiley) BPIS (Judge Mr. Adrian Pareles) (1700 Dog Total Entry) (Handled by Wendy Bettis)

  • BOW/BOB for 2 points under Judge Robert Stein and Group 3 under Catherine Bell (Handled by Wendy Bettis)

  • WD/BOW for 2 points under Mr. Jeffrey (Handled by Wendy Bettis)

  • WD/BOW *New Champion* for 2 points at Kennel Club of Riverside under Mrs. Jeraldeen Crandall (Handled by Wendy Bettis)

  • BOW/BOS/BPIG at Elsie Murray Canine Centre Society in Cloverdale, BC under Mr. Gary Allen.


JD has passed his SAS test via auscultation ('04) and has cleared a 24 Hr Holter Monitor test with a resulting 0 VPC's.



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